v2.5: Nutritional Info (Beta)

Posted by Davide 

This new release introduces a change that might be very useful to some users: management of nutritional data.

Recipe Nutritional Data

The new nutritional UI is completely opt-in; enable it via the Settings screen if you’re interested in tracking your meals macronutrients.

After enabling this feature, you will be able to add fats, carbs and many other macro info to each recipe; this is done in the Recipe Edit screen.

Some websites, like AllRecipes.com, embed macro info in their recipe; if you import your recipes from those websites you will get macro data for free. Of course you can alway customize the said data in the Edit Recipe screen.

Your Meal Macros at a Glance

The meal detail screen now contains a macros button; when tapped, it will show a screen with the total macronutrients amount for any given meal. If any of the mal recipes has no nutritional info, an alert will notify you.

Optional sync with the Health App

If you enable HealthKit sync, your meal data will be synced to the Health app. Sync happens approximately 2 hours after each emal start, but it’s a background process at the system level, so it might be triggered earlier or later. With this option enabled you will be able to track all you macrsos and take advantage of the Health app graphs and intelligence.

Why is this marked as Beta?

I have tested the nutritional feature thoroughly, but I don’t usually track my macros.
For this reason, I’ll welcome feedbacks from experienced macro trackers: I’d love to improve this feature with users’ inputs.

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