Import recipes from the web in v1.20

Posted by Davide 

I am really glad to introduce the greatest update to Menu Plan yet.
v1.20 introduces a crucial feature: you can now import recipes and ingredients from the web

How does it work?

The most popular recipe websites share their recipes data in a machine readable format.
Menu Plan reads this format and import the content into the app.
Textual ingredient lines are parsed into their components, to match ingredient, quantity, unit of measure, and even comments.

You start by tapping the search button, and searching for a recipe web page:

Menu Plan Search

If you browse to a page with recipe content you’ll see a button:

Menu Plan Website Recipe

Tap it and you’ll get to the import page:

Menu Plan Website Recipe

Does it always work?

Luckily the most popular websites share their recipe info, but when they don’t there’s nothing we can do. However, you’ll get recipe content from most websites.

Can import recipes from my browser?

Absolutely! Menu Plan 1.2 adds a Share Extension that lets you import recipes straight from safari or any other browser.

Menu Plan Share Extension

Can I go back to the recipe instructions?

Yes, when a recipe has a webpage source you’ll see a handy button which will open the web page in Safari.

What about ingredients?

Well, this is the best part. Recipe are imported with ingredients, so you will be able to generate detailed shopping lists.

Download Menu Plan and start importing recipes from the web, now.

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