v2.1.2: Landscape printing

Posted by Davide 

Phew, 2 months have passed since the massive release of Menu Plan 2.0, and the few bugfix releases that followed it. Christmas came and went, and a new year started. During these two months I focused mostly on my other product, which was released a few days ago.

But of course Menu Plan is always on my radar.
This new release adds a feature that will be apreciated by thos of you managing many daily meals

If you manage, say, brakfast, lunch, snack and dinner the portrait orientation might look a bit… crammed. Some users manage even 5 or 6 meals, and for them there’s even less space.
This is mostly why I added the possibility to print with the landscape orientation.
Of course you can take advantage of it also with 2 or 3 meals, or even 1: there’s a nice switch in the printing screen, on the upper right corner.

Image of the portrait/landscaoe switch in the Menu Plan app

Small fixes

There were some minor text and UI inconsistencies which I fixed in this release.



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