Print with Menu Plan 1.30

Posted by Davide 

This feature has been a secret card up my sleeve for a few weeks. I worked on it during the summer, but eventually decided to release it after the import feature, which seemed more fundamental. But printed menus are fun, aren’t they?

With Menu Plan v1.30 you can print your weekly meal plans.

How do I print?

Fill up your meal plan, the usual way.
When you’re finished, tap the Share button, on the top right corner. Tap Print. Select a palette; if you have a color printer, go fancy with one of the colorful options

Menu Plan Search

All palettes have been manually picked and tweaked for a good contrast and for variety. There are 2 palettes without a subscriptions, but if you unlock Menu Plan you will get 8 choices.

Did you say Printables?

I did.
Menu Palettes are so nice that I decided to let you print them even without a menu. Go to Settings page, you’ll find a new section that let you generate empty printables.

Can I just download printables?

Of course. There’s a new page on the website, here.
Download a zipped version of the printables, print or share them.
No strings attached, except, of course, don’t sell them.

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