v1.70: each one his Food Groups

Posted by Davide 

This is a big one, requested by a number of users.

Maybe meat, fish, vegetable, carbs, cheese, eggs, potatoes and legumes are not enough for you…
Or maybe they don’t map correctly to the diet you’re following.
Or you just don’t like the icons, or colors.

We’ve got you covered. Introducing…

Custom Food Groups

Food groups are now fully editable.

You can change name, image and icon of each food group.

You can add new ones.

You can even remove a food group if it doesn’t make sense to you.
Of course, you will get an alert with the recipes associated to it.

Colors can be chosen freely.

Images can be chosen from a selection of icons in the app style. I hope I’ve got all cases covered; if you insert a food groupd for which you don’t find a suitable icon, do let me know.

You can also hide a food group, so it’s not used for computations or offered as a choice for new recipes. Meat and/or fish will be automatically hidden if you had previously disabled them. Gone are the “Eat meat” / “Eat fish” options: now every food group can be disabled.

This is a substantial update; I planned to work on it late in the autumn, but a number of user requested it so I shifted my priorities.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new feature!

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