v1.62: More meals

Posted by Davide 

When Menu Plan was born it only supported lunch and dinner.

After the first round of beta testing a good collegue and friend of mine objected: “you need to add breakfast, and maybe snack…”

I added breakfast straightway, which has been in the release version of Menu Plan since 1.0.

Still I got some request from other users: more meals were needed.
Most users asked for “snack”, but one of them mentioned “second brekfast”. I honestly thought “second breakfast” was something I had invented: it is a somehting I do everyday. Yet I learned it is a staple meal in many countries.

Anyway, I decided to add more meals: second breakfast, snack and afternoon snack.

Now you can plan up to six meals every day.

These features have been added also to vocal assistants: Alexa update is already online, Google Assistant will take a few days, because of Google review; so don’t worry if your Google Assistant don’t recognize the new meals, it will in a matter of days.

Have a nice weekend!

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