Goodbye Google Assistant

Posted by Davide 

On June 13th 2022 Google annouced that Conversational Google Assistant Actions are deprecated, and will be removed in 1 year time. This means that Menu Plan will not be able to integrate with Google Assistant anymore.

I must confess this was out of the blue for me: I released this feature 2 months ago and was very proud of it.
There’s more: after a user’s suggestion, I was going to improve this integration by adding support for screen devices, like the Google Nest, so users could see a link to the recipe website.
Well, no more.

Unfortunately the only sensible thing to do now is alerting users of the change, and prepare for the integration dismissal.

The Google Assistant integration will keep working until Google sunsets the APIs; that is until June 13 2023.

I have removed all mentions of Google Assistant integration from the marketing material, I don’t want users to be misled about this.

I am also contacting each user that is currently using the feature, to alert them of the incoming changes.

This is it I guess.

Goodbye Google, and thanks for all the fish.

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