Menu Plan2.0

The fastest way to a weekful of meals

Menu Plan is a new app to make meal planning as easy as it gets. Add your recipes, put them on the calendar, go shopping for food. Share your data with other users. Enable nutritional features to track your macros.

Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian

appstore-logo Requires iOS 14.0 or higher

Meal Planning For The Win!

Save Time

With 10 minutes off planning once a week you are going to save 10 minutes every day. It's a whole hour of your time, reclaimed, each week

Save Money

When you enter the grocery store you will a have a list of the food you need, and of just the food you need. Of course you can treat yourself with some extra ice cream, but that's *your* choice.

Save food

Prevent food waste. Say goodbye to a fridge stuffed with expired items: you will buy just what you need, cook it and be done with that.

Eat better

Less waste, more time, more money. Which you can in turn invest in better food. It's a virtuous circle!

Hundreds of customers love Menu Plan

"A gorgeous app for planning meals and recipes"(iMore, March 4th 2022)

See it in action!

Plan a weekful of meals

Select a day, select one or more recipes, back to week, rinse and repeat. The pie graph will display a nice colorful representation of your food choices. And of course you can easily export to Calendar.

Pick recipes from your repertoire; if the recipe is a new one, just tap to add it. If you add ingredients, you'll get nice shopping lists, which you can export to Reminders and share with anyone.

Customize your experience, choosing which meals to manage, where to export your data and lists, and your lunch and dinner time. Mass import recipes from text files.

If you want to track your macros, enable the Nutrition interface and add macronutrients info to your recipes; sync your macros with the Health app.



Plan your meals

Use the Calendar screen to put recipes on your schedule. You can add one or more recipes to each meal.

Know what you are eating

See your weekly meals at a glance, thanks to the colourful food group icons. The pie graph lets you see wheter your food choices are varied or (literally!) monotone.

Import, manage and follow your recipes

Import your recipes from popular recipe websites, together with ingredients, when available. Edit the name, ingredients and category. If your recipes was imported from the web, a handy button will let you open the web page with detailed instructions.

Print your meal plan

Now that your plan is done, it's time to print it ans stick it to the fridge. Choose a colorful template and print away!

Ready, set, shop!

You will get automatic shopping lists, based on your recipe ingredients. If your recipe has no ingredients it will be inserted in the list anyway, with its name as a handle.

Customize Menu Plan

Will you plan all meals or just your dinner? Are you a vegetarian? A handy Settings panel lets you make the Menu Plan experience as personal as possible. Because each one his own meal.

Track your macros

If you enable the Nutrition feature, you will be able to add macros info to your recipes; some recipes websites include them by default, so you get them automatically. Then you can enable HealtKit sync to send macros infos to the Health app.

For a full coloured meal schedule

Menu Plan is based on a simple but powerful idea:

Whatever your dietary choices, eating a varied diet is good for you.

Menu Plan features a number of general food groups: vegetables, cheese, fish and so on. Every food group is represented by an icon, and a color.

Thanks to the pie graph, you will be able to see at a glance if your menu is varied enough.

Tap on the pie graph and you'll get more details on your meals

Designed for iPhone and iPad


Tech Facts

Menu Plan tries its best to be a good citizen of the iOS ecosystem, supporting as many latest and greatest features as possible.

  • Full support for Calendar and Reminders export. This way you get to share your menus and shopping lists with your family members.
  • Share Extension to let you import recipes from Safari or any other browser
  • Siri integration with custom Shortcuts actions
  • Web hook to automatically share your meal plans to web services
  • Integration with Alexa
  • Dark mode support, to see you meal plans in light or dark, according to the iOS Settings
  • iCloud persisted data, to let you use this app with any of your iOS devices
  • HealthKit integration, to send nutritional info to the Health app
  • Share your meal plan with other iCloud users
  • Dynamic type and accessibility support

Frequently asked questions

Ask away, please!

Why should I plan my meals?

Because, like most planning activities, it saves you time and money.

Can't I just plan with pen and paper?

Absolutely, and I encourage you to do that. On the other hand, if you want some help, give Menu Plan a try.

Why Menu Plan and not some other app?

Menu plan is focused on letting you schedule your meals as fast as possible. Tap on recipes, add them on the fly if missing, move to another day.

How do I insert recipes?

You can use the import button to get your recipe data from popular recipe websites.

How do I get recipe ingredients?

Most of the popular recipe websites share their recipe ingredients; Menu Plan import them automatically.

Does recipe import work with all websites?

Not all of them, but definitely most. Some websites have chosen not to share their content in a machine readable format, and so we cannot grab it. But in any case Menu Plan import works with the most popular and widely used recipe databases.

Can I tweak a recipe that I have imported?

Absolutely! You can change its name, food group and even edit each ingredient line modifying the ingredient quantity or unit of measure.

Where are the nutritional info?

The Nutritional feature is switched off by default; go to Settings and enable it.

Can I share my plan with other users?

Yes, you can invite other users to see and/or modify your meal plan, provided they have an iPhone or an iPad.

Is Menu Plan free?

You can test the app for free, and add up to 7 menus. If you like what you see you can purchase a subscription.

What can I do once I subscribe?

Subscriptions unlock the full app, there will be no more limits to the recipes, or to any other feature.

Will I lose my content once the subscription expires?

Nope, every menu and recipe is safely stored in our database, subscribe again and you will see your complete recipe list.

What if I don't want to resubscribe?

You can alway export your recipes list via the Export Recipes screen in the Settings.

Where do I find this Menu plan?

It's on the App Store, see the link below.

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