v2.1.4: Dutch

Posted by Davide 

Menu Plan 2.14 is out!


Welkom aan nieuwe gebruikers uit Nederland, Vlaanderen en Suriname!

Last Sunday I decided I’d add a new language to Menu Plan.
I took a look at usage stats, and found out that Dutch was the most popular language among those not supported by Menu Plan. So I started investigating the web and found a number of Dutch language recipe websites. I decided I’d add Dutch. It’s Friday, and Menu Plan 2.1.4 is out, sporting a new Dutch localization!

Repetition fixes and improvements

A kind Italian user found an inconsistency in the way Meu Plan handled repeated recipes. I added the “repetition” feature for those recipes that make more than one meal: you might prepare lasagna, and eat it two days in a row. Yet, shopping lists did not respect the “one cooking-two meals” principle: ingredients were added for each time the recipe appeared. I fixed this bug, but I decided to do something more. I added a repetition symbol for repeated instances of recipes, so now you’ll know when you have a meal ready without any need to cook.

Enjoy Menu Plan 2.1.4!

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