v1.60: Alexa, what are having for lunch?

Posted by Davide 

I am really happy to share this next release with you guys.

From now on you’ll be able to ask Alexa about your meals:

Alexa, ask Menu Plan what we’re having at lunch

You can ask about today or tomorrow, and some more refined combination also work (on Monday, etc).

If you’re on the Google ecosystem, no worries, we got you covered!

Hey Google, talk to Menu Plan

What are we having for dinner?

To enjoy these interactions you’ll have to log into Google or Amazon in Menu Plan.
-> Settings/Vocal Assistants

With Alexa, you’ll also have to enable the skill; there’s a handy button in the Alexa section of the app.
-> Settings/Vocal Assistants/Alexa.

These interactions are of course fully localized, so you can interact in English, Italian, French, German or Spanish, based on the language of your vocal assistant devices.

While developing these features I found out natural language processing is a work of balance and continuous refinement. I’ve set up the Alexa skill and Google action to the best of my linguistic skills, but I might have missed some interactions or idioms.
If you find that Menu Plan skill/action is not recognizing some phrases, do write to me, I’ll be happy to amend it! As usual, write at support AT menuplan.app.

Enjoy talking to Menu Plan!

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