Multiple food groups on v1.1

Posted by Davide 

Hello everyone. Menu Plan is just a 10 days old and we’re already hitting the 1.1 milestone. This new version include a couple of features that are definitely worth a minor version bump.

Multiple Food Groups

This one had been cooking for a while.
An Italian reviewer asked for it explicitly, and I had to bit my tongue to avoid disclosing this feature; it was already in on my planned timeline, but unluckily I could not make it to 1.0.

With Menu Plan 1.1, every recipe can have one or more food groups. Say you are making meat tacos. That’s meat plus legumes and of course carbs. Now you can assign all the three groups to your recipe.

Beef tacos header

Now you see all of the three groups appear in the day detail header.

This change led to a nice visual improvement affecting all menus:

Fish lettuce header

When you have more recipes on the same meal, all food groups will be displayed.
Needless to say, all computations based on food groups now take into account multiple groups.

Basic iPad support

Menu Plan 1.1 is displayed full screen on iPad.

The iPad porting of Menu Plan has long been on on my todo list, and I want to take advantage of the much larger real estate.
This is just a first step in that direction; no optimisations yet, but now the apps is fullscreen.
Stay tuned for a native iPad look & feel in future releases.

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