v1.65: batch cooking here we come

Posted by Davide 

This release fixes some bugs in shopping lists but, above all, it adds a couple of very nice features.

Repetition for those who cook in batches

Do you like vegetable soup?
We do.
Usually we eat soup once a week, on Wednesday.
The thing is, when Michela or I make soup, we make 8 portions, which cover two meals of our family. We eat 4 portions straightaway, and we freeze the remaining quantity.
The following week we have Wednesday sorted out already, soup it will be!

I am pretty sure we’re not the only ones cooking in batches.

What if Menu Plan allowed you to automatically schedule a recipe for more than a day?

Introducing Repetitions!

Every recipe can be set up with any number of repetitions. If your Bolognese Lasagna recipe lasts for two days, just add a repetition, “repeat after 1 day”.
The repetition feature is fully customizable, you can schedule a repetition after any number of days.
If your recipe produces more than two batches, you can set up another repetition; any number of repetitions is supported.
Every time you add a recipe with repetitions to the calendar, it will be automatically added to other days, according to repetitions settings.

Custom shopping list items

Automatically generated shopping lists are nice and fine, but sometimes you have to add something extra. Like, what if you’ve run out of toothpaste?

The latest version of Menu Plan allows you to insert custom items to your list. Accordingly, new aisles have been added, for “non-food” item types.

This feature was requested by a nice user a few months back.

Enjoy Menu Plan 1.65!

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